To support our hunger-fighting mission and to help defray costs for our recently acquired 4,000 square foot warehouse area to store more goods and boost efficiency, we are holding a 2nd Diamond Endowment Fundraiser. 

Our first Diamond Endowment raffle featured "Bella Diamante" (beautiful diamond), appraised at $21,500 and was raffled off at our 10th Anniversary Gala. Bella received such a positive response from our community we decided to do it for a 2nd time!

The prize this time is "Maribella" a white gold necklace with a larger pear-shaped pendant bedazzled with 28 carats of blue topaz, teal, blue and white diamonds. It was custom designed and crafted by Gold in Art Jewelers of Mount Dora and is listed with a minimum value of $21,500, and is set to be raffled off on April 2, 2020 with second prize being $5,000 and third prize $2,500.

The word commitment is something Janet Gamache has never taken lightly. From volunteering in her youth to her work today with Visit Mount Dora, finding those special things in a community in need of assistance or that need to be highlighted is her forte.

Janet is one of 12 women participating in the fundraiser that was inspired by the 2008 best-selling book “The Necklace,” which chronicled how a jewelry-sharing journey changed the lives of 13 women.

“At first I had hesitations about being the center of public attention wearing such a lavish piece,” said Janet.

April is the beginning of Blueberry season in Florida. There are plenty of local farms right here in Lake County and for this reason it is a good idea to take advantage of local U-Pick farms and their low cost blueberries. Many farms also donate a portion of their crop to local food pantries.

I love blueberries because not only are they packed full of vitamin C you can also be sure you are getting a good start on your daily recommended fiber and cholesterol controlling manganese.

Saturday, March 31 our Annual Gala was held at Lake Receptions. It wasn't just any Gala it was to celebrate our 10th Anniversary and the turn out was amazing!

Almost 500 people gathered together to celebrate our accomplishments in the community for the past 10 years. Check out our Gallery of photos!

Dawn was part of the Mount Dora book club that brought the 2008 best-selling book “The Necklace” to the attention of Lake Cares Executive Board. The story by Cheryl Jarvis chronicles how a jewelry-sharing journey changed the lives of 13 women.
For the local spin, 12 women – including Dawn -- stepped up to participate in a fundraiser inspired by the book.

As the Executive Director at Lake Technical College, Diane Culpepper knows that setting goals is the first step to growth and development.
When Lake Cares Executive Director Irene O’Malley recruited her to join the Diamond Endowment project, there was no hesitation.

“I have always been involved in service and volunteering,” says Diane. “It started at an early age for me because my mother was always serving others. By the time I was in high school, I was president of the largest service club on campus and it was exciting to volunteer for numerous projects as a high school kid.